Boost up Your Reading Comprehension

Reading skills are vital at every stage of everyone’s personal and professional life. The words that are written and printed in the form of a book are no more our only key to the world. Reading online articles in blogs or other sites has been an important way of reading. If you seldom or do not like reading, probably forcing yourself to start reading is much better than leaving yourself asking why reading is important. Try out these points to keep you encouraged to read.

Know the Purpose Why You Read

It is important for you to know if you are reading for fun, knowledge, or an exam. It will also help you apply the right technique and method of reading.

List Questions


In order to obtain more of what you read, list some questions. What is the point of the text? Do you find something you want to dig deeper before moving to the next page? Where is the writer directing you? This simple thing keeps you tightly involved in the text and provides you a better understanding.

Take Notes


Using a pencil to highlight words, phrases, or sentences that may seem important is a good idea. Besides that, you can also immediately write down some points in your notebook. This step indicates that you really pay attention when reading.


This is nothing more than the best test for your understanding. Resume what you have read to test your comprehension. It tests your memory as well.

Developing reading habits takes a lot of effort and determination. These following steps will help you start your joyful reading.

Spare Your Time for Reading

It could be at any time. If you are busy in the day, then you can have your reading time while snuggling in bed at night with your books before sleeping.

Read a Few Pages Continuously

When you start reading, you should read through a few pages in one session before you stop. Reading a little chunk ensures you to increase your interest in the book. You will come back to it due to curiosity, won’t you?

Try Various Reading

If you are hooked on the Harry Potter series, that’s fantastic. But it is also important for you to switch and explore other types of books. Various options for books are available for you. Your reading comprehension will develop when you explore yourself with heterogeneous topics of books.