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How To Dress Properly During Interview

What should you wear to a job interview? Your choices will depend on the type of job and company you are applying to. You always want to dress to impress, but the outfit you pick depends on whether they have a formal dress code, a casual setup, or for an informal setup.

Business Attire

The first impression does always lasts. The first judgment a hiring manager makes is going to be based on how you carry yourself and what you are wearing. That’s why it is always crucial to dress suitably an interview.

Generally, you want to look professional and presentable during the interview. For men, a suit and slacks with a shirt and tie or a sweater and button-down will work. For women, this might mean a top and trousers or a statement dress. You can also mix the newest trends into your outfit. Whatever gender you are, you also need to consider the colors you wear for an interview. Stay away from anything too bright or loud that will distract the interviewer. Make sure you are comfortable with your clothes to boost your confidence.

Avoid Revealing Clothes

When attending an interview, you want the interviewer to focus on what you are trying to say about your professional achievements. You don’t want to distract them by showing too much skin. For women, avoid wearing tops with plunging necklines, also short skirts, and as it will give an impression to your interviewer. For man, sure you want to show off your muscles, avoid wearing shirts showing too much chest and super-tight pants.

Put on Appropriate Makeup

fresh light neutral

Sure, you want to look good, putting makeup is okay as long as it is in a moderate amount and neutral colors. You do not want to distract your interviewer with the loud color lipstick. Make sure you use the right colors to make you look fresh, neat, and presentable. Fix your hair to make you look good and show your face. If you have long hair, it is okay to keep it in a ponytail, same with men. Do not put too many accessories on your hair to avoid any destruction. A simple clip to keep your hair away from your face will do.

Wear Appropriate Shoes

comfortable black heels

Again, your outfit will depend on the company you are applying for. For women, wear shoes with heels that you can walk with. Do not wear anything that will compromise your comfort just to look good. Remember that with the right amount of style and comfort, you will have fewer worries, and you can focus on the interview. For men, good neat shoes will do, especially if you are wearing leather shoes. You do not have to buy a new one; make sure that it is clean and shiny.